easy lawn portable hydroseeders. Two hydroseeding machines sit side-by-side. One is relatively small and fits in the back of a small truck, the other is on a trailer and is easily towed by a small truck

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Jet Agitation

Easy Lawn's Landscaper Series of jet agitation hydroseeding equipment offers a full range of small hydroseeders with industry-leading performance.

With 100, 200, 300, 550, and 900 gallon tank options, these competitively priced units are great for small contractors, municipalities, nurseries and groundskeepers who want professional results when performing the occasional patch or lawn hydroseeding.

At Easy Lawn, we know your days are full. So any piece of equipment that requires excessive maintenance or is complicated to operate will eventually eat into your bottom line. When you choose a hydroseeding model from our Landscaper Series, you can be confident you’re getting a piece of equipment totally designed with maximum performance, ease of use and low maintenance in mind.

Jet Agitation portable hydroseeding equipment by Easy Lawn

The Benefits of Easy Lawn's
Landscaper Series Hydroseeders

Whenever hydroseeding requires you to hold your ground with professional results, Easy Lawn's landscaper series has you covered. Our jet agitation hydroseeding equipment is filled with valuable cost-of-ownership solutions. From the convenience of our compact and lightweight design to the performance of our jet agitation and easy-change nozzle systems, you’ll immediately accomplish more in less time — without the hassles and worries that come from costly, inconvenient maintenance issues.


Compact and
Lightweight Design

Easy Lawn's Landscaper Series hydroseeding machines are the lightest and most compact of our Hydroseeder machine line. The following are the mounting options for our different machines.

L10 and L20 Hydroseeders

These are the smallest of our hydroseeding equipment line. They come as a skid unit that can be mounted on a utility vehicle bed, small utility trailer, or in any size pickup bed.

Tank capacity: 100 and 200 Gallons for the L10 and L20, respectively.

L30 Hydroseeder

This mid-sized unit comes as a skid unit that can be mounted to a single axle landscape trailer or in a 3/4 ton full-size pickup bed.

Tank capacity: 300 Gallons

L55 Hydroseeder

A size up from our L30, this unit comes as a skid unit that can be mounted to a dual axle landscape trailer or a flatbed truck.

Tank capacity: 550 Gallons

L90 Hydroseeder

The largest of our Landscaper Series product line, the L90 comes as a trailer mounted unit that can be towed behind a 3/4 ton or larger pickup truck.

Tank capacity: 900 Gallons

We thought of all the other jobs you have to accomplish with your truck. That’s why we designed our highly versatile skid mounted units with fork pockets. Now, with just a forklift or a skid-steer with forks, you can quickly load and unload your hydroseeder and get going with the next task at hand.

Easy-Change Nozzle System

Anything that reduces operator fatigue can be a game changer when it comes to the efficient completion of any job, not to mention the quality produced. At Easy Lawn, we put ourselves in your shoes and developed hose hooks to prevent kinking, as well as our easy-change nozzle system that requires no tools. All the operator has to do is unscrew the assembly by hand and then screw on a new nozzle — it’s that simple! When it comes to Easy Lawn's spray gun, you can be sure it’s compact, lightweight and designed to keep operator fatigue to a minimum.

Lowest Maintenance

Through Innovation Inferior hydroseeding equipment is unfortunately all too common. To cut costs, other companies use lesser materials and settle for mediocre design. In contrast, when you purchase a piece of equipment from Easy Lawn, we understand that you’re making an investment in your business. That’s something we take very seriously. It’s why we exclusively use corrosion-resistant polyethylene tanks and top-notch Honda and Kohler engines. Plus, our centrifugal pumps are state of the art. We know that only through less maintenance and maximum uptime will you feel like you made a good investment.

Recirculating Jet
Agitation System

Let’s face it: Clogs and cleanout are two of the biggest hassles landscapers face when hydroseeding. Both cost you time, and the more time you spend on either, the smaller your profits. With Easy Lawn's recirculating jet agitation system, you can count on consistently quick mixing capabilities, virtually clog-free operation, and easy clean-out in a fraction of the time it took you before. Plus, you’ll enjoy the industries best spray performance at the nozzle — and that’s all while sustaining full agitation!

One-Year Warranty

A big deciding factor in purchasing any major piece of landscaping equipment has to be the benefit of a good warranty. At Easy Lawn, we’re confident in the quality of every unit we manufacture, and we want you to be as well. That’s why we back every piece of equipment we sell with a standard one-year warranty. It means you not only have a quality piece of equipment to start with, but also one you can count on for years to come. In the event you need service or repair, we give you the freedom to choose your own repair company and make sure it has all the requisite parts and technical support needed to properly complete the job and get your equipment back to full working order.

To learn more about our complete line of hydroseeding equipment, simply contact us today!