L55 Hydroseeder

550 Gallon Tank Hydroseeder

The L55 is a 550 gallon hydroseeder, perfect for seeding residential lawns and nurseries, and revitalizing small municipal parks and cemeteries. The L55 delivers professional results every time, no matter the project. With unmatched performance for its price along with benefits and features like tool-free nozzle switching, kink-free hose storage and electric hose reel, plus lightweight, maneuverable assembly, the L55 can be operated by one individual for efficient performance.

A truly portable hydroseeder, the L55 is designed with fork pockets for convenient transportation and maximum flexibility. The L55 also fits conveniently on a flatbed truck and is dual-axle trailer compatible so you can reach nearly any jobsite with ease. Easy Lawn’s Recirculating Jet Agitation System gives the L55 hydroseeding machine fast mixing, trouble-free operation, and easy clean out so application and maintenance is always fast and easy.

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  • Small enough to fit on a flatbed truck, easy to tow with a dual axle trailer.
  • Fork pockets for easy lifting and moving.

  • A 550-gallon capacity tank made from polyethylene eliminates rusting concerns and makes clean out easy.
  • Dependable, long-lasting, and low maintenance 8K 25 HP Kohler Gas engine.

  • Either four to five rectangular bales of paper or fiber mulch (average 50 lbs each) or 4-5 bags of hydro mulch pellets like Cover Grow (40 lbs per bag) can be used with added seed and fertilizer (roughly 8-10 lbs depending on seed type) to cover about 6,500 square feet per load.
  • Patented Liquid Recirculation Jet Agitation System mixes slurry in minutes.
  • Reliable and consistent mulch coverage: application rate is about 65 gallons per minute, making the typical time to empty a full tank about 10 minutes.
  • Operates at 90 PSI while maintaining full agitation to prevent settling and provide an even application.
  • The L55 can do partial loads to save time and materials for smaller spaces.

  • Runs for years with little maintenance when properly cared for and winterized (if necessary).
  • Easy to clean at the end of each project and takes 30 minutes or less to fully winterize.

  • Comes standard with 100 feet of 1 1/4″ Clear Braid Hose and two hose hooks for easy hose management.
  • Three easy-to-change nozzles included: straight, trim, and wide hydroseeding nozzles.
  • Pressure adjustment from the hose nozzle allows precise spray control at the application point, for more accuracy and detail in trim work and beyond.

L55 Hydroseeder Specifications

Engine:8K 25 HP Kohler Gas
Tank Size:550 Gallon Polyethylene
Fuel Capacity:8K 7 Gallons (US)
Pump: 8K 4"x3" Centrifugal Pump 65gpm/90psi
Pump Drive:Direct Drive
Agitation:Jet Agitation
Fillwell:16" w/ Molded Polyethylene Bale Hopper
Hose:100' of 1 1/4" Clear Braid Hose
Nozzles:1 Wide Fan, 1 Narrow Fan, and 1 Straight
Max Material:220 lbs. Fiber Mulch
Material Type:Paper Fiber, Some Paper/ Wood Blends
Empty Weight:Skid 1,500 lbs
Full Weight:Skid 6,100 lbs.
Length: Skid 9'10"
Width: Skid 5'1"
Height: Skid 5'6"
Estimated Coverage:6,500 sq.ft.
Hose Reel:Electric

*Full weight with water.

Hydroseeding Applications

Blending portability, power, and flexibility, the L55 is the ideal hydroseeder for contractors, landscapers, or maintenance crews who handle seeding jobs as part of their larger landscaping operations, but need to provide professional-quality lawn and turf results. Adding the L55 to any landscaping business can improve efficiency and performance with its affordable, dependable performance in a variety of jobs like:

  • Lawn patching and trim work
  • Residential lawns
  • Small parks, gardens, ball parks, and common areas
  • Nurseries
  • Cemeteries

L55 Hydroseeder Warranty

We understand the importance of a reliable warranty when making a significant investment in hydroseeding equipment. That’s why at Easy Lawn, we take pride in the industry-leading quality of every unit we manufacture.

It’s why we back every piece of hydroseeding equipment we sell with a standard 12 month hydroseeder warranty. This warranty not only assures you of the initial quality of your equipment, it guarantees long-term reliability so you get the absolute most out of your investment.

In the event you do need service or repair, we believe in having the freedom to choose your own repair company. We’ll help ensure any chosen provider has all the requisite parts and technical support needed to properly complete the job, and get your equipment back to full working order as quickly as possible.

L55 Hydroseeder Product Manuals