Hydroseeding® for Erosion Control

Erosion control measures using burlap, plastic fencing, steel beams, wood stakes and new plantings.

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Hydroseeding for Erosion Control

Managing and landscaping a hilly area with factors such as runoff can be difficult, especially if erosion starts. The process of controlling erosion can feel discouraging and futile when anything from rain to wildlife can destroy all your efforts in a short period. 

One modern method effective at slowing the effects of erosion is HydroSeeding. HydroSeeding uses a mixture of grass seed and additives such as moisture-retention polymers, tackifiers, fertilizer, lime and biostimulants. Then, water and mulch are added to the combination to create a thick slurry. 

This slurry gets sprayed onto the landscape using a trailer-mounted tank or truck. HydroSeeding involves evenly distributing the slurry to coat the area with enough of the mixture to control erosion and establish vegetation. 

Benefits of Hydroseeding for Erosion Control 

Traditional erosion control methods often rely on laying sod or spreading seeds by hand, then covering them with soil and hay. These methods are time-consuming and can involve significant labor costs. Unfortunately, a strong wind can easily blow away the thin layer of sod and hay, exposing and spreading your seeds. 

Hydroseeding for erosion control offers several benefits compared to these other methods. You’ll find that it is safe as well as:

  • Quick: Instead of laying sod or planting seeds by hand, our slurry technique will spread your seeds over 50% faster. Because the slurry binds instantly to the soil, it protects delicate seeds and locks in moisture. In just three-five days, your seeds will begin sprouting. 
  • Worthwhile: Hydroseeding for erosion control ensures that you can distribute your seeds evenly. When they germinate and sprout, the grass will look more uniform, allowing you to experience maximum erosion control. The entire process is efficient and effective and works with any type of grass seed.  
  • Cost-Effective: Whether you are working on a small or large erosion control project, Hydroseeding will save you money. Hydroseeding costs less than sod, does not require as much maintenance after laying it and reduces labor costs.

The ECPC Advantage 

At ECPC, we have the broadest line of Hydroseeding equipment for erosion control in the industry. There are two main types of agitation systems, and we can help you find the best option for your needs and budget. 

  • Jet Agitation: This system uses a centrifugal pump you need to run while using the machine. The pump mixes and sprays the slurry, making the machine easy to operate. The tank also comes in sizes ranging from 100 to 900 gallons. 
  • Paddle Agitation: This complex system is powered by Mechanical Paddle Agitation, Hydraulic Paddle Agitation or a secondary drive system. It can easily mix any mulch.

Regardless of which system you choose, you can control erosion and protect the surrounding property and landscaping. We make all of our equipment in the United States and our models offer several advantages:

  • Ease of use and low maintenance: Instead of spending time greasing or sandblasting your equipment, we designed our systems to be low maintenance so you can work more efficiently.
  • Long-lasting and durable construction: Our Hydroseeding equipment feature stainless steel tanks. This durable material doesn’t require maintenance and delivers longevity to get the job done year after year.
  • Innovative features: With our integral flush tank, you’ll have around 60 gallons of fresh water available, so you don’t have to spend as much time flushing the pump and hoses in between every load. Our equipment also features hydraulic controls for independent and maximum power over the engine, sprayer, and paddles.

Start Controlling Erosion Today With ECPC Equipment 

At ECPC, we are passionate about delivering excellent products and services. We have over 50 years of manufacturing experience and know what features are needed in our equipment to deliver the results you require. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our complete line of Hydroseeding equipment for erosion control, contact us and one of our experienced team members can help. 

When you purchase Hydroseeding equipment from us, we back our promise for delivering excellence with the best warranty in the industry. You’ll have a one-year limited warranty, technical support and parts available whenever you need them. 

To request a quote, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you fast. 

Chris Drummond

Chris has been involved in the construction and landscape industry for over a decade. For the last 7 years, he has specialized in helping landscaping contractors grow their business by adding hydroseeding to their offering. Chris is passionate about building relationships with his customers and sharing in their success as they grow their business.

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