L20 Hydroseeder

200 Gallon Tank Hydroseeder

Easy Lawn’s Landscaper Series Hydroseeding Units are small capacity hydroseeding machines for patching with enough performance to do a small lawn when necessary. These units are designed for the cemetery, nursery, or small contractor who does occasional seeding, but still needs professional performance.   

The L20 Hydroseeder offers industry leading performance for this price range, operating at 40 psi while maintaining full agitation. These units come standard with Easy Lawn’s Liquid Recirculation Jet Agitation System that assures fast mixing, trouble free operation, and easy clean out.  

They are easily portable, fitting into the bed of a small or standard pickup, and with the fork pockets they are easy to pick up and place in the bed with a fork lift or skid steer with forks. The L20 Hydroseeder has enough pressure to push the slurry through 100′ of 1 1/2″ hose.  

The units come standard with two hose hooks to hold the hose without kinking. The exclusive easy change nozzle system makes it fast and easy to change the nozzles. Just unscrew the nozzle by hand and screw on the new nozzle, no tools required. The Easy Lawn gun assembly is compact and light weight to reduce operator fatigue. 

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A big deciding factor in purchasing any major piece of landscaping equipment has to be the benefit of a good warranty. At Easy Lawn, we’re confident in the quality of every unit we manufacture, and we want you to be as well. That’s why we back every piece of equipment we sell with a standard one-year warranty. It means you not only have a quality piece of equipment to start with, but also one you can count on for years to come. In the event you need service or repair, we give you the freedom to choose your own repair company and make sure it has all the requisite parts and technical support needed to properly complete the job and get your equipment back to full working order.

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Engine:3H 11.7 HP Honda Gas
Tank Size:200 Gallon Polyethylene
Fuel Capacity:3H 1.6 Gallons (US)
Pump: 3H 3"x2" Centrifugal Pump 300gpm/43psi
Pump Drive:Direct Drive
Agitation:Jet Agitation
Hose:2 - 50' Sections of 1 1/2" Collapsible Hose
Nozzles:1 Wide Fan, 1 Narrow Fan, and 1 Straight
Max Material:80 lbs. Fiber Mulch
Material Type:Paper Fiber
Empty Weight:500 lbs.
Full Weight:2,250 lbs.
Length: Skid 5'7"
Width: Skid 4'0"
Height: Skid 3'9"
Estimated Coverage:2,200 sq. ft.

Manuals & Resources

L20 Specification PDF

Jet Agitation Mixing Instructions

Jet Agitation Winterization Instructions

24 Month Warranty